The High Holidays is when families and communities come together to strengthen our Jewish connection. We’ve been doing that for thousands of years.

These Kavana cards were created in 2021 when Shuls were closed, and we had to find our own inspiration.

Kavana means intention, focus, concentration. Kavana Cards are a set of impactful do-it-yourself High Holiday experiences. They present the key prayers and traditions of Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur in a way that is meaningful and easily doable, for anyone of any background.

You can spend 10 minutes on each, or you can spend an hour. They can be experienced by young and old, alone or in a group, as an inner conversation with yourself or a meaningful discussion with others. The point is to have a soulful moment, connect with the essence of the day and bring it to life.

As Jews, we’ve seen a lot in our long history. Experience hastaught us that every challenge can be turned into an opportunity. Let’s make this challenge a catalyst for inner growth and deepeningour connection to our Jewish soul.

Let’s do High Holidays better than ever, and bring down a year of healing and joy to the entire world.


These cards are not a replacement for attending services, reading the prayers or hearing the Shofar.



  1. Thought For Food
    - Discussions for the Rosh Hashana Dinner table (download)

  2. Shema Meditation
    - Finding peace when you have no control (download)

  3. Shofar Visualisation (download)
  4. Tashlich Experience
    Shake Off the Dust (download)

Download all Rosh Hashana Kavana Cards HERE

  1. Fasting Meditation
    – getting high on an empty stomach  (download)
  2. Kol Nidrei
    - Learning to say no

  3. The Morning Sacrifice
    - Giving up comforts

  4. The Musaf Service
    - Becoming a spiritual being

  5. The Afternoon Service
    - Being forgiven

  6. Neilah - The Closing Service
    - Feeling full from fasting

  7. Break Fast
    - Bringing it home

Download all Yom Kippur Kavana Cards HERE  

  • Guided Meditative Yizkor Service (download
    Yizkor is a holy moment, when we connect with the souls of our loved ones through memory and prayer. 

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