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The New Nefesh Centre
XX years ago, Nechama Dina and I had a vision for the future of our community. As we thought about the opportunity to rebuild our Shul, we wanted to create a space to both reflect and foster our community.

We are grateful for the beautiful community we are lucky enough to be a part of and it is wonderful to see how it has grown and flourished. We wanted to do what we could to support, celebrate and nourish that.

One of the many fascinating lessons of this year has been just how important it is for us to come together. Unfortunately, too often this year we have been reminded of that lesson in difficult circumstances, when the virus has removed or limited our ability to be physically present with each other. As we have learned what it is to be socially distant, quarantined and self-isolated, we have yearned for connection, community and togetherness.

Of course this lesson is nothing new in Judaism. We come together daily when we pray, as well as for births, deaths and everything in between. The concept of a Minyan mandates the coming together of at least ten people before we can consider ourselves as constituting a community of Israel.

It is this concept of coming togetherness that is at the heart of the new Nefesh Centre. This is not only a house of prayer, although undoubtedly the Shul sits at the centre of the building and our community. It is also a home for mothers’ groups and their babies and toddlers to come together. It is a hang-out for our youth. A place of study, cooking, celebration and connections. It is a vehicle that exists to host the community in any of the ways we choose to come together.

The new Centre is your new centre – a community asset that exists to serve the Jewish community and bring us together. Which is why we are so excited to share, that the completion of this project is imminent.

In just a few weeks, the Centre will be complete and we will welcome the first of many, many gatherings. We are excited to open the doors and celebrate with you.

In celebration of this moment, we are launching, for a very limited period, a unique Tribute Tile.

Upon entry to the new Centre, the wall of the front courtyard will feature Tribute Tiles. Each tile will feature your own personalised message. You can honour a person, an event, an idea or simply commemorate this exciting moment in our community.

We invite you to purchase your Tribute Tile and participate in this unique opportunity to have a permanent presence in the very foundations of the new Centre. Each Tribute Tile can be purchased for $1,800 and can feature a message of up to 50 characters. Whilst you do have the choice of purchasing multiple Tribute Tiles, there are only a limited number available.

For those who choose not to purchase a Tribute Tile, you can make a donation of any value towards the building of the Centre, for which we would be very grateful.

On 29 November 2020, volunteers will be reaching out across the community offering the chance to support the building of the new Centre through donation or purchase of Tribute Tiles. If you would like to make your contribution prior to 29 November, you can do so by visiting

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There is spirituality that is lofty and floats way above your head. Then there is Nefesh.
Nefesh means ‘soul’ in Hebrew. But more specifically, Nefesh refers to the level of the soul that enlivens the body, the interface between spirit and matter. It is down to earth spirituality. Soul you can get your teeth into. Nefesh is where the soul finds its grounding. Every service, event, class is an attempt to bring down spiritual truths in a way that can relate to you as you are, right here, right now. Welcome to the Nefesh experience.
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