Nefesh loves to welcome interstate and overseas visitors to our Shul and community! 

Our temporary Shul is located in Bondi and is close to a number of Kosher restaurants and cafes, so we are a popular place for visitors.

If you would like to visit Nefesh Shul for a Shabbat service, please email us prior [email protected] with some photo ID and the dates you plan to attend. We will then be able to guide you as to where services are taking place that Shabbos. 

We sometimes hold Friday Night Dinners and Shabbat Lunches too, so please email our office to see if one is planned during the time you are visiting or if you need any help with Shabbos meals hospitality. 

Please see some other helpful tourist information sites below.  



Sydney Eruv -


Restaurant Guide -




Accommodation (Close to Nefesh)


Long Term Rental Info








  • The Sydney Mikvah Society 
    117 Glenayr Avenue, Bondi 2026 
    Ph: 02 9130 2509
  • Mikvah Aziza
    666 Old South Head Rd Rose Bay, NSW 2029
    Contact:  Nissa 0401 770 255


  • North Shore Mikvah 
    97 Killeaton Street, St Ives 
    Ph: 02 9440 0025

We wish you a wonderful stay in Sydney!