Had Enough of Waiting?

Monday, 30 October, 2017 - 9:41 pm


Question of the Week:


I make Kiddush over wine every Friday night, but I would like to know a deeper meaning behind it. Is there some mystical ideas you can share that I can meditate on when I say the Kiddush?



It all goes back to the very first Friday of history. Adam and Eve were created on Friday afternoon, the time when all last minute things get done, like making humanity.


On that first day, they were told not to eat from the fruit of one tree, the Tree of Knowledge. The mystics teach that this fruit was a grape vine, a fruit that contains the potential for great good and great evil. Over a glass of wine friendships are made and lost, lives are enhanced and destroyed, hopes are created and dashed. It is the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. 


The prohibition was only to last until nightfall that day. Once Shabbos came in, they were allowed to eat from the fruit. Because Shabbos is holy. When holy people on a holy day have holy intentions, indulging in the fruit of the vine can do no harm.


Had they done what they were told, Adam would have made Kiddush on the juice of the Tree of Knowledge on that first Friday night. But they didn't wait until Shabbos. Eve squeezed the grapes, drank and gave Adam to drink too. And that was the cause of all the problems in the world ever since.


We correct this mistake by making Kiddush on Friday night over wine or grape juice. It reminds us that we can only enjoy the pleasures of this world if we can also defer our enjoyment. If you can wait, then you are the master of your desires. If you can't, then you are slave to them. The key to being a good person is the ability to control yourself. It starts with the way we eat, and extends to every choice we make.


Adam and Eve didn't wait. So the Torah tells us to learn how to wait. We wait between meat and milk. We wait to go to the mikvah. We wait for Kiddush so we can eat. And we wait for Moshiach, the ultimate Shabbos. May the waiting be over, so we can make Kiddush on the holy wine from the Garden of Eden.


Good Shabbos,

Rabbi Moss

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