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Magical Cure for Anxiety?

Tuesday, 8 May, 2018 - 1:18 am


Question of the Week:

I am looking for a kabbalist who can help get rid of an evil eye. I constantly feel weighed down by heaviness, stress and anxiety. I am in therapy, but feel that there must be some type of spiritual curse on me. Do you or anyone you know how to undo evil spells? 




You need a mystical formula to rise above the negativity and cast off the shadows. I know a kabbalist who can help. His name is Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai. He lived almost two thousand years ago, but his light still shines today.

In his esoteric masterpiece, the Zohar, he has an insight that if you internalize it, it may bring you the strength you need. He writes:

During the Friday night prayers, as Shabbos enters, the energy of the world ascends into the supernal realm, and all negativity and harshness is cut away. All forces of anger and opposition flee and vanish. No foreign power reigns, the world basks in a divine light, which shines on the holy people down here, who are crowned with fresh souls.

Rabbi Shimon is here describing the spiritual shift that happens as we usher in the Shabbos. We are not just desisting from work, we are lifting ourselves to a higher plane, a place where there is only goodness and light and holiness, where our soul is free from the torments of the mundane world, and where we are given a fresh burst of soul energy.

The Friday night service is our launch pad for this journey. The songs and prayers transport us to this inner space of deep joy. We actually quote the above passage during the prayers. If you close your eyes and let yourself be taken by the moment, you can actually feel yourself float to this blissful place.

There are no magical cures. Continue your therapy, and add to it the spiritual therapy of Shabbos. Both will take work. But you can get there. You are one of those holy people who can be crowned with a fresh soul, every week.

Good Shabbos and happy Lag Baomer*,
Rabbi Moss

* The day Rabbi Shimon wrote the Zohar, instructed his students to celebrate, and then passed away. It is this Wednesday, come celebrate with us (see above).

Zohar II 135b, Kegavna from Siddur Friday night service

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