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History in the Making!

Sunday, 10 May, 2020 - 10:49 pm



There's a teaching of the Baal Shem Tov that we need to learn how to be alone when we are in a crowd. Even when we are surrounded by people, we have to be who we are, and can't let outside influences to define us. We need to retain our individuality and stand alone before G-d. Don't blame the people around you for the person you are. Take responsibility for yourself and be you.


In these strange times we have been forced to look at just that. Who are we without the crowd around us? What does my life look like when I'm alone? How do I live my life and spend my time when my crowd is taken away from me?


But we have also learned the opposite skill - to be in a crowd even while we are alone.  You are home, I am home, but somehow we are all together. Without the usual community get togethers and without the normal means to meet up with others, we have adapted by connecting in new and different ways. Maybe sometimes deeper ways. 


It is in this spirit that we will be doing something huge this coming Monday. It is Lag Baomer, a day usually celebrated with mass gatherings, bonfires and parades. The theme of the day is Jewish pride and unity. This year we are going bigger than ever. Here in Australia, there will be a massive online gathering - 18000 people for 18 minutes at 1800 hrs on 18 Iyar - that is 6pm this Monday May 11. This is history in the making. 


I invite you to join and to spread the word. Find out more about the program at


May this unity bring us to the ultimate unity, when the entire world comes together for good.


Good Shabbos,
Rabbi Moss

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