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Is G-d Out of the Miracle Business?

Monday, 23 December, 2019 - 12:03 am


Question of the Week: 


You know why I don't pray? I don't see the point. G-d seems to be out of the miracle business for the last 2000 years. Like Chanukah is the Festival of Miracles, when G-d saved us from the ancient Greeks. But what have we seen since? Where are the miracles today? Why pray to a G-d who closed up shop 2000 years ago....



You really need to spin a dreidel. 


The dreidel is a spinning top used for a game we traditionally play on Chanukah. There are intricate rules for this game, but for your purposes we can keep it very simple.


Look at a spinning dreidel. Can you see any letters on the sides of the dreidel?


You can't. The speed of the dreidel's spin blurs the letters. You can't even see that there are letters there at all.


But there are. Just wait until the dreidel comes to rest. As soon as it stops spinning, you can clearly see the four Hebrew letters on its four sides, standing for the words: Big Miracle Happened There.



What is going on? You could have sworn there were no letters on the dreidel when it was spinning. So where did they appear from all of a sudden when the dreidel stopped?


I think you know the answer. Our eyes can't see something that is moving at such velocity. We can only focus on the letters when the dreidel slows down to a standstill. They were there all along. We just didn't see them. 


And so with life. Amazing things are happening to you right now. Miracles are all around you. But because you are lost in the rush of everyday, you don't see them. Your head is spinning just trying to keep up with the pace of life. So you miss what's really going on, you can't see the miracles happening before your eyes, because it's all a blur.


The time of prayer is the time to stop spinning around and sit still. When you pause to reflect on your blessings and give thanks for all you have, that's when you finally see the writing on the wall. Big Miracles Happened Right Here.


Good Shabbos and Happy Chanukah!

Rabbi Moss

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