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I Hate My Birthday

Monday, 12 August, 2019 - 11:23 pm


Question of the Week:


I know it's a good thing to celebrate your birthday according to the Hebrew calendar. But I don't. I was born on Tisha B'av. It's a bit hard to have a party on the saddest day in the Jewish calendar. And to be honest I have always felt strange about it. It's like, Tisha B'av is the day the Babylonians destroyed the First Temple, the Romans destroyed the Second Temple, the Austro-Hungarians declared war on Serbia, and my mother gave birth to me.... What does it say about me that I was born on a day of national mourning?




That's just about the best birthday anyone could possibly have. Because you left out another major event that happened on Tisha B'av. Moshiach was born.


The Talmud teaches that the soul of Moshiach came into the world on Tisha B'av. That's right. The long awaited one, who will bring peace to the world, teach us all how to live a higher life, rebuild the Temple and bring us all back to the Holy Land, that soul was sent down on Tisha B'av. 


It is no coincidence that the day of such deep darkness is also the day when such a bright light came into the world. Moshiach will show us how all the darkness of history was a necessary prelude to the light that follows. 


Indeed when Moshiach comes, Tisha B'av will be transformed from the sad fast day it is today into the most joyous festival of the year. We will actually celebrate the sad times, when in retrospect we see how they were a part of a bigger picture. 


This is unfathomable now. Our insight is limited, and we can't always see the good in hard times. We need Moshiach to help us see things for what they really are. 


So if your birthday is on Tisha B'av, do you know what that says about you? Please don't get any ideas. You're a great guy and everything, but I'm not saying you are the Messiah. 


Actually, I am. Every one of us has a bit of Moshiach in our soul. We have a little part of the world that is ours to redeem, and a little bit of darkness that is ours to transform. If you share Moshiach's birthday, you can do this big time. You are a soul of hope. So go light up some darkness. 


Good Shabbos,

Rabbi Moss


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