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Do You Want to See a Miracle? Here's one...

Friday, 5 July, 2019 - 1:18 am


Question of the Week:


I wish I could have met the Rebbe. I have heard so many miracle stories about him, I sometimes wonder, if I would have seen a miracle in front of my eyes would I still be such a skeptic? Or maybe the Rebbe would have made me believe....




The Rebbe once addressed a similar question from a similar skeptic. When I read it my eyes popped out of my head. If you look at it with an open mind, it could change your perspective.

In a post-script to a letter from 1956, the Rebbe wrote the following:


In response to what you write regarding the Jew from Bulgaria, who says he is waiting to see miracles with his own eyes, and only then he will become observant...

Tell him this: Since you insist on being honest with yourself, take a good look at your own past, and you will recognise that you have already witnessed miracles and wonders. Do you really want to test G-d? Do you really want to be brought again into a place of mortal danger and have to be saved? You know very well the trauma that is experienced by being in danger, because you have been there. It is just the devil's voice inside you trying to come up with an excuse to avoid observing G-d's commandments. 

The Rebbe then addressed the writer who would convey this message to his friend: 

The very fact that I write intimate details about the past of a Jew whom I have never met, that he was once in danger and was miraculously saved, should be proof enough for him to start putting on Tefillin, keeping kosher and observing Shabbos, immediately upon receiving this message. 

You can read this letter in two ways: either as a believer, or as a skeptic. The believer is astounded that the Rebbe here openly admits to having prophetic vision. Reading the thoughts of a stranger, he knew that this unnamed Bulgarian Jew went through a traumatic life-threatening experience and supernaturally survived. The Rebbe showed him a miracle just by writing this letter!


The skeptic reads it differently. Everyone has a story, everyone has been in danger and was saved inexplicably, we have all had close shaves. You could tell anyone to look at their past, and they could find a time when they were in trouble and got through it. Nothing unusual here. This is not a miracle. It was a safe bet.


I don't buy this skeptical reading. But even the skeptical reading leaves you with the same conclusion: If you are honest with yourself, you have experienced plenty of supernatural events already. The Rebbe was right. Saying "I will be observant when I see miracles" is a cop out. Stop making excuses. You are the miracle. So what are you waiting for?


Good Shabbos,

Rabbi Moss



Igros Kodesh Volume 14 p24

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