Are We Reunited In Heaven?

Sunday, 20 June, 2021 - 9:40 pm


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Upon leaving this earth and hopefully ascending to heaven, are we reunited with our parents and family members who have predeceased us? I really want to be close with my loved ones again. But once we leave our body, how do we recognise who is who? Souls don't have faces, do they?


One of the most boring things to listen to is someone else's dream they had last night. That's probably because dreams are very personal. Only you can relate to your own dream. To anyone else, it's all nonsense.

I am sure you have had the experience in a dream where you are talking to someone, and you know who they are, even though they don't look like themselves. For example, there's a sumo wrestler standing in front of you, but it's actually your grandmother.

In your own dream, it makes perfect sense to you that a 150 kilo Japanese athlete is actually a frail old Hungarian Jewish woman. Because dream imagery is not literal, but rather symbolic and associative. If your grandmother looms large in your psyche, she may appear that way in your dream. 

If I would ask you, how do you know that the sumo wrestler was really your grandmother? The answer: You just know.

The afterlife is a little like a dream. We leave this world and enter into a more fluid and ethereal state. We meet other souls there, all without bodies. And we recognise them. We see them and we just know. 

It is common for people on their death bed to see their ancestors coming to welcome them. This fits with the Torah's description of death as being "gathered to your people."  Our connection to our loved ones was never a body thing anyway. It is a soul connection that continues into the next world. We will know them when we see them. 

Good Shabbos,
Rabbi Moss

See Radak to Genesis 25:8.

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