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Feeling Down About Rosh Hashana?


Question of the Week

I am feeling really down about Rosh Hashana this year. I can't believe we will be in lockdown and not allowed to go to shul. I have never missed a High Holidays in my life. I just won't be the same at home. How can I do this with joy?


It is indeed a huge challenge we face. Our hearts are heavy with the thought that shuls will lay empty, devoid of the usual crowds flocking to pray together, silent of the sounds of communal singing, shofar blowing and children playing.

But there is a message of hope in all of this. I came across an incredible teaching from three hundred years ago, that can be read as a direct message to us today. It comes from the great soul doctor and healer… Read More »

Vaxxers and Anti-Vaxxers


Question of the Week

I have an issue with praying. I feel like a liar saying things when I don't know if I believe in them. How can I exclaim, "love G-d with all your heart" when I am not sure He even exists?


You have been married a few years now, and I am sure that you love your wife dearly. But have you ever woken up one morning with a sense that you've lost that loving feeling?

Perhaps after a moment of tension between you, or maybe you have been feeling down for other reasons, or for no apparent reason at all, you just feel that your heart is cold and the love you once felt has disappeared.

What if, just at that moment, your wife asked you, "Do you love me?"

What should you answer?

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Mummy, Did I Punch G-d?


Here is a question a mother asked on behalf of her daughter, followed by the daughter's reaction:

Question of the Week

My daughter was asking me about G-d. She asked me if she is punching G-d when she punches the air. And then she went on to ask if G-d is a car, or a tree, and is G-d everything. How would you answer her?


Some profound questions there. Don't underestimate a child's ability to grasp deep ideas. Just say it as it is. 

G-d is everything and everything is G-d. 

But G-d is also more than everything. He is not limited. He is infinite. 

This means that He can be opposites. 

He is everywhere, but not limited to any place. 

You can't see Him. And yet everything you… Read More »

Do You Dare Answer This?


Question of the Week

I read your response to a question about what happens to souls after they die. I think it's ridiculous that you claim to be able to answer such a question. Why should I believe that Rabbi Aron Moss knows about the afterlife and the reincarnation of souls?


I would answer you by simply rearranging the words of your question.

You asked:

"Why should I believe that Rabbi Aron Moss knows about the afterlife and the reincarnation of souls?"

My answer:

"You should know that Rabbi Aron Moss believes in the afterlife and the reincarnation of souls."

It is unfortunate that many people don't know the difference between belief and knowledge. 

Knowledge is the… Read More »

Life is an Arcade Game


Question of the Week

From Dan, six years old:

When someone dies, can their soul come back down in another body? Or does the soul just die?


Great question Dan! You have a very deep mind. 

You like playing arcade games, don't you? I'm sure you've been to Timezone. 

Imagine you were spending a couple of hours playing games there with some friends. You run from one game to another, swiping your games card and using up your credit. As you play, you earn more and more points. You can cash them in for prizes, but that comes later. 

Eventually your session comes to an end, and you have to go home. You might want to stay longer, but your parents tell you that it's time to leave. It's been… Read More »

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