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Seder Night, 1946


Question of the Week

There is a passage in the Haggadah that always confuses me. Just after we read about the four sons, it says:

One may think that [the discussion of the exodus] must be from the first of the month. The Torah therefore says, `On that day.' `On that day,' however, could mean while it is yet daytime; the Torah therefore says, `It is because of this.' The expression `because of this' can only be said when Matzah and Maror are placed before you.

Sorry, can you explain what is going on here?


This cryptic paragraph contains a life-changing lesson. Once you hear it you will never be the same again. But first let's understand its plain meaning.

The Haggadah is here establishing the correct… Read More »

The Chocolate Quick Fix

Question of the Week:

I envy you. You have faith. I can see how people with faith have clarity and strength that others don't, especially in hard times. I don't have that strength and I want some of it. Is there a quick fix for faith?


There is a quick fix for faith. You don't need any proofs or arguments. You just need to eat a piece of chocolate every day. Seriously.

This is an ancient Jewish remedy for strengthening faith. It is a pity so few people know about it, because if they did, their lives would be so much better. And it really isn't so hard. It's as easy as eating chocolate.

But before you eat the chocolate, you have to recite the blessing on chocolate. It goes like this:

"Blessed are you Lord… Read More »

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