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Is This Something to Worry About?


Question of the Week

I have been looking for work for the last six months. I got rejected from three positions that I really wanted, though I was certainly qualified and could have done well with any of them. The rejection is taking its toll, and the worry that I wont find a job is bringing me down, which makes it harder to find a job, which makes me more worried, and the cycle goes on. I know I need to stop worrying, but how do I do that?


I know a big worrier. Everyone told him that worrying doesn’t help anything. One day he realised that 90% of the things he worries about never even happen. His conclusion: Worrying does help.

And he is right. Worrying does help. But you don't have to be the one to do the… Read More »

Hey Siri, I'm Sorry!


Question of the Week

Should we say thank you to Siri? Same for Alexa, Google Assistant etc. After asking for directions, or the weather, or a conversion of pounds to kilos, should we say thank you for the answer we hear? What would the Torah say about showing gratitude to artificial intelligence?


Let’s first define the purpose of saying thank you. 

Some would suggest that it’s just good manners. We say thank you to be polite. Life is more civil when our interactions with others are sprinkled with expressions of etiquette and courteous pleasantries. It’s just nicer that way.

If this is the reason to say thank you, then we should thank our software too. By doing so, we create a sense of decorum and… Read More »

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