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Can You Lockdown a Soul?


Question of the Week:

We are enjoying another Melbourne lockdown in all its confinement. I am trying to remember the concept in our religion about the person who has had a more troubled past doing good vs the person who was always well behaved . It reminds me of my feelings towards this lockdown. If we can happily evolve past this hardship, and overcome this wall of difficulty, I feel it is sort of akin to the more troubled person making themselves better…. If you have the time, please would you point me in the right direction?


You are thinking of the Talmudic quote: The place where a reformed sinner stands, a saint can ever reach.

It's a bit like a bow and arrow. The further back you… Read More »

I Was Scammed. Now What?


Question of the Week:

I feel like an absolute idiot. I wanted to give some charity, as I have been a bad boy recently. And I fell for a scam. This guy was supposedly helping orphans who live on the street and I felt so bad for them. But turns out this fellow is living it up off other people's stupidity. People like me. So it seems even when I try to do a good deed it turns out bad. What does that say about me? 


This is the best news you could possibly hear right now.  You see, it is important to make sure that your charity goes to worthy recipients. But if by mistake it didn't, then you are the recipient of Jeremiah's curse. Which is a great blessing.

Let me explain. 

The prophet… Read More »

Are Pirated Videos Kosher?


We are stuck at home a lot these days, so we end up watching a lot of videos. My parents don't like us watching random YouTubes, and all our DVD's are scratched, so we mostly rent Jewish videos online. But today my friend sent me a link that has heaps of Jewish videos for free! I was so excited that we don't have to rent anymore. But then my father said it might be stealing to watch these videos. I can't see the problem. The videos are there anyway even if we don't watch them. And all my friends do it all the time. So what's the issue? My father said I should ask you.


What do your parents have against YouTube? It's free and easy. Why would they spend their hard earned money on Jewish rentals when… Read More »

Is a Soulmate Forever?


Question of the Week:

If a widow remarries, what happens when Moshiach comes and the dead come back to life? Will she reunite with her first husband, or the new guy? What if she was happy with one more than the other?  


This fascinating question has been asked by many. But the best answer is found in an unusual source: the diary of an 18th century American priest.

Ezra Stiles, a Congregationalist minister in Rhode Island, became close friends with Rabbi Raphael Chaim Yitzchak Carregal, believed to be the first rabbi to set foot on American soil. A question Stiles asked Rabbi Carregal at one of their meetings was this very issue: if a widow remarries, who will she be married to when… Read More »

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