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What If I'm Already the Perfect Husband?


Question of the Week: 

I keep hearing that during this time of isolation we should be improving our relationships. Thank G-d my marriage of over 15 years is amazing, and I honestly can't see how I can be a better husband than I am already. I'm not boasting and my wife agrees. I treat her like a queen and never raise my voice, even when she upsets me. I listen and do everything to make her happy, which isn't always easy to do. Am I fooling myself or is there a point that you can say you can't do any better?




Sounds like you do all the right things, and say all the right things. That's a credit to you. But there is another layer of relating that you didn't mention. Apart from doing and saying, there is … Read More »

The Pleasures of Home Shuling

Question of the Week: 


I'm wondering if you can explain my wife to me. She complained last night that I am not helpful around the house. She claims that yesterday I plonked myself on the couch to relax, leaving her to look after the kids and dinner and everything else. When I pointed out to her that I actually offered to help, she says it wasn't sincere. I am at a loss. What more can I do? Is it my fault if she ignores my offer to help?




You think you are being sincere. And you probably are. But sometimes what you say and what your wife hears are miles apart. You need to appreciate how your words come across. She may be hearing the opposite of what you meant. 


So when you say: 

&nbs… Read More »

History in the Making!



There's a teaching of the Baal Shem Tov that we need to learn how to be alone when we are in a crowd. Even when we are surrounded by people, we have to be who we are, and can't let outside influences to define us. We need to retain our individuality and stand alone before G-d. Don't blame the people around you for the person you are. Take responsibility for yourself and be you.


In these strange times we have been forced to look at just that. Who are we without the crowd around us? What does my life look like when I'm alone? How do I live my life and spend my time when my crowd is taken away from me?


But we have … Read More »


Must Admit, This is Impressive


Question of the Week: 


Do you think this coronavirus crisis strengthens faith in G-d or weakens it? Like is it proving there is a G-d or the exact opposite?




There are only two possible ways of looking at what's happening now.


Either there is a G-d and this crisis is a part of His big plan. Or there isn't and it isn't. 


If it is, then you have to be impressed. Within the space of a few weeks, the world has changed forever. Every single person on the planet has had to pause, stop the way they've been living their life until now, re-evaluate their priorities and what's really important, spend more time caring for their loved ones and less time in empty pursuits. 

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