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My Wedding Plans Out the Window!?


Question of the Week: 


We were so excited about our wedding. We had picked a date that seemed perfect, but before we could plan any further this pandemic hit. Now we have a tough choice: to hold a small gathering of just very close family sooner, or postpone for who knows when and have the whole celebration. To me both seem like second best. How can I look at this positively when I won't have the wedding I planned, on the date I chose and with the guests I wanted?




I have news for you. You never chose the date of your wedding. Nobody does.


A wedding is too holy for mere mortals to plan. It is decreed in heaven whom you marry. It is also decreed in heaven when your wedding will take pla… Read More »





The saintly Rabbi Aryeh Levin was known as the Father of the Prisoners. In the 1930's, when Israel was under British rule, the prisons were full of Jews, many of them members of the Jewish underground organizations. They all knew that this kindly Jerusalem rabbi would regularly visit them, offering support and strength, a listening ear and a soft word of encouragement. Even the most hardened criminal would warm to his gentle nature and sincere love for his fellow.


One time during Pesach, Rabbi Aryeh went to visit his beloved inmates. They greeted him warmly and he asked, "Tell me friends, how was your seder?"


One of the prisoners replied, "We had a fantastic Seder! We … Read More »

Would You Leave a Grandmother Alone?


Question of the Week: 


I am a grandmother in my 80's and am being told I have to celebrate the Seder alone at home, without my children and grandchildren. I can't do that. It would be the most heartbreaking night of my life. I have a better idea. Let's delay Pesach for a couple of months, until this whole thing blows over, and we can then do a Seder together with our families. Can the rabbis get together and cancel Pesach this year?




I feel for you. The pain of not being with your family this year must be devastating. But I beg you, please make a Seder. It could be the most powerful evening of your life. It could even change the world. 


Every year at the Seder we proclaim &q… Read More »

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