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Live Stream Seder?


NOTE: The answers below reflect the current positions of halachic and medical authorities in Sydney, Australia. Opinions may vary from place to place. Refer to your local authority before making any conclusions. 




Question: Is it true that rabbis have allowed Seders to be live streamed this year so elders can see their family?


Answer: In a word, NO. Live streaming is forbidden on Shabbos and Yomtov. There are certain specific circumstances when an exception is made, where life is in danger. If you think that applies to you or anyone you know, ask your rabbi.




Question: We are a young couple and we need to do our Pesach… Read More »

The CoronaShabbos Message




I move fast, and news of me spreads even faster.


I grab the attention of the entire world like no one else can.


I affect you, even if you don't believe in me.


I come from one place in the world, but I reach every corner of the world. 


I started with one nation, but I take over all nations and all religions. 


Because of me, you will change everything you do. All of your habits and routines will be disrupted. You will have to rethink your entire day, and change all of your plans. 


Families will become closer because of me. Communities will become tighter because of me. 


I will make you less selfish and more sensitive. You will care… Read More »

What's More Contagious than COVID-19?


Question of the Week:


This coronavirus thing has really thrown me. I feel like I've lost all sense of certainty. No one knows what will happen next. How do we stay sane when we don't know what's lurking around the corner? 




It is not that we have lost our sense of certainty. We have lost our illusion of certainty. We never had it to begin with. This could be majorly unsettling, or amazingly liberating. 


This tiny virus of 125 nanometres* has sent the entire world into chaos. All of our plans are up in the air, markets are going crazy, entire countries shutting down, and we have no clue what the future holds. 


But that is always the case. We never know what the… Read More »

Are You Willing to Bow?


Question of the Week:


In the Purim story, Mordechai the Jew refuses to bow down to the wicked Haman. As a result, Haman enacts a decree to annihilate the entire Jewish nation. Did Mordechai do the right thing? Technically, bowing to a dignitary is not forbidden by Judaism. So even if Haman thought he was god, shouldn't Mordechai have bowed down to him rather than risk the lives of the entire Jewish people?




In my youth I attended a non-Jewish school. Jews made up about ten percent of the student body, and we felt quite comfortable there. But sometimes we stood out.


It wasn't a particularly religious school, but on occasion they did hold prayer services, in a big hall with a huge cross… Read More »

Dreaming of an Ex-Girlfriend?


Question of the Week:


An ex girlfriend (who I believed was my soul mate) broke up with me almost 10 years ago. I treated her poorly so it's no wonder.  I am now married (to another girl) with kids but still dream of my ex every now and then. What's interesting is I rarely have dreams of my wife. Could this be Hashem's way of punishing me for treating my ex so badly?




I don't know why Hashem does things. But seems to me your conscience is playing on you here. Your dreams might actually be expressions not of long lost love but rather long lost guilt. 


There is someone from your past whom you mistreated. You owe them an apology. But I'm not sure you… Read More »

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