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Are Humans Equal to Animals?


Question of the Week:  


I have been looking into the Seven Noahide Laws. I understand these are the biblical commands to all humanity - the children of Noah - and they provide the basis for ethical living. But looking at the list, there seems to be an odd one out:


1.    Do not worship idols - agreed, we have to believe in G-d

2.    Do not curse G-d - have respect for Him, I can dig that

3.    Do not murder - obvious

4.    Do not steal - ok

5.    Do not commit adultery - fine

6.    Set up courts of justice - needed to ensure the other laws are kept, but:

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Why Is Life so Hectic Now?


Question of the Week: 


Why is life so frantic at the moment? It seems like things are unusually hectic, not just for me but everyone I talk to. Shifts in personal life, career moves, some good and some bad, big stuff and massive changes, all in the last week or so. Is something going on spiritually that I should know about?




Oh yes. We are in the final month of the Jewish year, the month of Ellul. A lot has to happen in these last weeks of the year. 


The Jewish view is that time has a personality. Each year has a character of its own. It's like a guest who stays with you for twelve months, follows you around everywhere you go, and then leaves so another guest can … Read More »

Is G-d Picking on Me?


Question of the Week: 


Does G-d pick on some people? I think he is picking on me because I have suffered one loss after another for much of my life. It seems that as soon as I have survived one tragedy, another one comes crashing down on me. I always bounce back but I am starting to take it personally...  




There was once a tow-truck driver who lived near a muddy old country road. Every day he would jump into his truck and drive a mile or so to a particularly sludgy bend in the road, and every day his truck would get stuck in the mud. But it was a trusty old truck, and its chunky tires and growling engine would always be able to beat the mud and climb up onto solid ground.

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Traditional Bris or Surgical Circumcision?


Question of the Week: 


Our baby boy was born yesterday and we are deliberating whether to do a traditional Bris with a mohel, or have it done by a surgeon in hospital. Now the question I have is, would you accept me and my son into your shule if he is not snipped by a mohel?




Mazel tov on becoming a father! I hope your wife is doing well and wish you both only happiness and much nachas!


Let me say outright, you and your son will always be welcome, no matter what you choose. I don't put any barriers up for someone to be a part of our community. 

As a parent, you need to make many decisions that will impact your child's future. This is one of them. Here are the things you need to… Read More »

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