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Are You Waiting to be Asked?


Question of the Week:


My grandfather used to always give beggars on the street a coin, and he would say it is better to give before you are asked. I am now realizing that many of his sayings were actually based on Jewish wisdom, and am researching the sources. Is there something about giving without being asked?




Your grandfather was a mystic, even if he didn't know it.


Giving tzedakah is always a good thing to do. But there is an extra power to charity when you give it without being asked. When the giver initiates a donation, it arouses divine kindness from above even more than when you respond to a request to give. 


This is illustrated by the fact that G-d's name, the name… Read More »

What's Really Bugging this Husband?


Question of the Week:


OK you need to adjudicate this one between me and my wife before it gets out of hand. We keep a kosher home, and though that is not my thing, I am fine with that. She checks the lettuce for bugs, and I think that's crazy. I am not anti-religion but I am anti-fanaticism and to me this is going too far. There are bugs in everything, we can't help eating them. Can you explain to her that she is going overboard?




Bugs are not kosher. Eating a bug is the same as eating bacon, and to keep kosher properly you have to examine any fruits and vegetables that are prone to infestation, and remove any bugs before eating them.


But there are some bugs that are so small, they can't… Read More »

Has Your Wife Got an Ego Problem?


Question of the Week:


My family very much enjoyed being at your Shabbos table, thanks again for the invite. I meant to ask you a question that has bothered me for years. It's about prayer. Looking through all the praises of G-d's greatness in the prayer book, it seems to be a big ego trip for G-d. Is G-d so insecure that he needs his creations to pray to him 3 times a day, telling him how great he is? 




We loved having your wonderful family over. You should be very proud of them all. 


But one thing disturbed me. Your children behaved really well, but I am a little concerned about your wife.


Every time your wife gave your son anything, like a piece of chicken, a drink, or… Read More »

Do You Want to See a Miracle? Here's one...


Question of the Week:


I wish I could have met the Rebbe. I have heard so many miracle stories about him, I sometimes wonder, if I would have seen a miracle in front of my eyes would I still be such a skeptic? Or maybe the Rebbe would have made me believe....




The Rebbe once addressed a similar question from a similar skeptic. When I read it my eyes popped out of my head. If you look at it with an open mind, it could change your perspective.

In a post-script to a letter from 1956, the Rebbe wrote the following:


In response to what you write regarding the Jew from Bulgaria, who says he is… Read More »

Are You Waiting for Your Next Life?


Question of the Week:


What is the difference between a rabbi and a Rebbe? I have been reading up on the Rebbe and he was obviously a great man. But what makes someone a Rebbe and not a regular rabbi?




There are many differences, too many to list here, but one is this: A rabbi answers questions, a Rebbe answers people. A rabbi hears what you say with your mouth, a Rebbe hears what you are saying with your soul.


I'll explain what I mean.


A teenage boy once asked the Rebbe, "Do we believe in reincarnation?"


The Rebbe's answer was short and cryptic:


 "Yes we do believe in reincarnation. But don't wait until then."


This… Read More »

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