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Do Personal Trainers Make Your Life Miserable?

Question of the Week:


I understand (somewhat at least) why Hashem sends people difficulties in life. Life is not meant to be easy. What I'm having a problem with is why He will make it difficult for us when performing a mitzva. 


For example, the car breaks down just when you're doing someone a favour, or the oven stops working on Friday when you need to cook for Shabbos, or your boss schedules an important meeting that you must attend, but you can't because of all days it just happens to be on Yomtov. 


I've heard answers like Hashem wants you to pray harder, or the harder the mitzva the greater the reward, but… Read More »

Can You Talk Business on a Date?


Question of the Week:


As you know, my wife is a little behind me when it comes to religious observance. One thing she challenged me on and I didn't have an answer. Last week I forgot to leave the light on in the bathroom before Shabbos. She wanted to turn it on, but I said to leave it.  So she asked, What is the big deal if I switch on a light on Shabbos? It isn't such hard work to flick a switch. Will the day of rest be totally disturbed by by me turning a light on? I wasn't sure what to say....


Here's something I think your wife will relate to. 

You are out for a romantic dinner, just the two of you. You make a… Read More »

What is the Real Cause of Antisemitism?


Question of the Week:


It seems like antisemitism is everywhere these days, and almost becoming acceptable again. Why do so many people hate Jews? Why is antisemitism still flourishing today, even in modern society? And what can we do about it?



The deepest analysis of antisemitism can be found in a deceptively simple Talmudic passage. It is discussing the story of Purim. And its wisdom rings true until today. 


Haman was an antisemitic minister in ancient Persia who wanted to see the Jews annihilated. He approached King Achashverosh and offered to pay him a hefty sum in return for permission to fulfil his vile wish to kill the Jews. The King responded, "Keep… Read More »

Should We Live Together Before Marriage?

Question of the Week:


I am debating with a friend about the pros and cons of living together before marriage. I think it's crazy to marry someone you haven't lived with. How can you know what life will be like? It makes no sense! What if they need the window open at night and you need it closed? On the other hand, people who live together for prolonged periods of time don't seem to be doing any better at marriage than those who don't. So who's right?




The argument goes, by living together you can know how someone behaves in various situations. Once you have spent a year or so under one roof, you have tested the relationship to see if it can withstand the… Read More »

How Do We Know that Souls Exist?


Question of the Week:


Can you tell me in simple terms what a soul is? What does it actually mean to have a soul? And can you provide evidence that we have a soul?




I think there is evidence of the soul. It is in human individuality.


Look at identical twins. There's something amazing about them. Not only do they look alike, they both have exactly the same genetic makeup, they share the same birthday, grew up in the same family with the same parents, and had almost the same experiences. 


And yet, they are not the same. They are each individuals, with different personalities… Read More »

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