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My Wife Says I'm a Hypocrite


Question of the Week:


Is it acceptable to be non-kosher as a parent and require your children to be kosher? I was brought up kosher, and remained so until my late 20's. I loved growing that way, as it provided me a clear Jewish identity, it made me aware of my Jewish responsibilities, and I feel it gave me the confidence to tell non-Jewish people around me that I was Jewish (as I could not eat various things at work events), and also strength of character to say 'no' to things that may be tempting, a character trait I continue to carry forward into my adult life.  


In my 20's, I felt old enough to make a decision as… Read More »

Are You Dancing with the Devil?


Question of the Week:


What is the difference between healthy self-analysis and unhealthy self-criticism? I am quite harsh on myself but I think that's a good thing, but then I think it's a bad thing. Then I'm not sure. (sorry I'm not making any sense am I?)



It is good to criticise yourself. It is not good to beat up on yourself. The former is necessary for your moral growth, and comes from your soul's desire to reach higher. The latter is no more than a tactic of the devil inside you, trying to sabotage your life by bringing you down. 


The two may seem similar, but in fact they are… Read More »

Keeping Kosher in a Non-Kosher Home?


Question of the Week:


My very religious brother is coming to visit from Israel for a couple of weeks. As you know, my family is proudly Jewish but we do not keep kosher. I invited him to stay with us, but then suddenly thought that it might be a disaster. Can someone keep kosher in a non-kosher home? Are we going to have to turn our life upside down to accommodate him? Or is it better he stays at a kosher friend and we keep the peace?




This question has little to do with religiosity, and all to do with personality.


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