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The Pain of Love


Question of the Week:


A friend's mother passed away tragically the day before her wedding. As I understand it, Jewish law says the wedding should go ahead. But does this make sense? How can anyone celebrate a wedding after experiencing such pain? 




Every person goes through pain, and every person has times of joy. Sometimes we are challenged to experience both at the same time. And the human heart has an amazing capacity to hold conflicting emotions all at once. 


There is a kabbalistic teaching that the heart has two sides… Read More »

What Annoys You Most?


Question of the Week:


I am so annoyed with the world. Everyone treats me badly, everyone is so self-absorbed, nobody really cares. I try to be nice but never get anything in return. I am not sure it is worth it. Why should I be good to others when they can't reciprocate? 




You can change this pattern. But you have to change yourself.


There is a penetrating teaching by the master of souls, the Baal Shem Tov. He says that when you look at another person, you are really looking in the mirror. The things that annoy you most in others are the things that annoy you most about yourself. The reason you notice them in your fellow is because they are inside you, they are familiar, and they… Read More »

Why Does the Torah Speak Loshon Hora?


Question of the Week:


If it is forbidden to speak Loshon Hora (gossip) then why is it ok that the Torah tells us bad things about people, like the sins of the Israelites in the desert, Korach challenging Moses, Aaron helping make a Golden Calf? Even the story about Miriam speaking loshon hora about Moses,  isn't that Loshon Hora?




Evil talk is a serious sin. Even when it is true, speaking badly about people is wrong and damages all involved - the speaker, the listener and the subject.

But when the Torah relays negative information about someone, it is for the benefit all, even the subject spoken about. 

The greatest correction of a sin is… Read More »

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