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What is so special about handwashing?

Question of the Week:                                                 


I have always wondered why is it that we do the special hand washing before eating bread? And why we are not allowed to speak from when we wash our hands until we eat bread? It can't just be about hygiene so what's it really about? 


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Can We be Happy Now?

Question of the Week: 

I am struggling with a contradiction in Jewish belief. On the one hand we are meant to serve G-d with joy, and be happy with our lives. On the other hand, we are supposed to await the coming of Moshiach, when there will be an end to all the darkness in the world. How can we do both? How can we be happy as long as there is pain and suffering in the world? And if we are happy, isn't that being insensitive? 

This is a profound conundrum. To paraphrase the beginning of the holy book of Tanya, if you take a good look at the suffering that goes on around you, you could get depressed. If you ignore it, you become callous. Either way, how can we be joyous?

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How many children should I have?

Question of the week:

I want to fulfil G-d's commandment to go forth and multiply. In fact, I want to have as many children as possible. However, my wife and I are struggling just to support ourselves without children. If we have lots of children in our current financial state we will be on welfare. I do believe G-d will provide so I can have lots of children, but this doesn't seem to be happening and I am getting impatient. Should we simply have a big family and hope for divine assistance so we can afford to live in a Jewish neighbourhood and keep up with the standard of living? Or should we wait until we might be more financially ahead?

I feel for you in your quandary. There is no greater gift than children, but we do… Read More »

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