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Are You Pregnant? Me Too...


Question of the Week:


I was wondering about the Torah readings on Rosh Hashanah. Why do we read about our matriarch Sarah giving birth at age 90? I love that story but I don't see the direct connection to Rosh Hashanah?


We are all pregnant. Everyone of us.

Every person has within a life that is waiting to emerge. We have ideas, dreams, ambitions and yearnings within our souls. Some have been there for years and not yet come to the surface.

There are so many reasons why we haven't given birth to our dreams. We lack the confidence in ourselves, or listen too much to the discouragement of others. We tried and failed too many times, or we are scared to change the status quo.

But you can't just stay… Read More »

Am I Just Too Good for You?


Question of the Week:


Is it possible to be too good? I sometimes think that if I keep on working on myself, I will always stay single because I will be too far ahead of the guys out there. Do I need to limit my self-improvement?




I wouldn't worry about that. You can never be too good. I'd be worried about something else. 


It is sometimes easy to confuse being righteous with being self-righteous. But in fact the two are worlds apart. A righteous person always sees the good in others. A self-righteous person can't get over their own goodness. I'm sure you can imagine which of the two is better company.


That's why the great Chassidic master, the Chozeh of Lublin, said… Read More »

What's Wrong with Lefties?


Question of the Week:


The word 'sinister' is Latin for 'left-handed.' Many ancient cultures saw left-handedness as a handicap, and would try to "convert" lefties to righties. What does Judaism have to say about being left-handed? 




There is clear proof from the Torah that being left-handed is not an imperfection, and on the contrary can even be an advantage.


There was a judge who served in the high court in Jerusalem for eighty years. His name was Ehud ben Gera. The Book of Judges (3:15) describes him as being left-handed. The reason this personal detail is mentioned is that it is relevant to a fascinating story told there.


The Israelites were being oppressed at the… Read More »

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