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Must I Convert to My Own Religion?


Question of the Week:


I have to admit, I am angry. I was brought up Jewish, attended a Jewish school, and have only known Judaism as my religion. Now I am told I have to convert, because my mother never formally became Jewish. Isn't it a little unfair that all my life I was more Jewish than my friends, was subjected to anti-Semitism, and then I am told I need to convert?




I completely understand your frustration. It can't be easy to hear that you need to convert to your own religion. But please don't take it personally. This is not a reflection on you. The entire Jewish nation went through exactly what you are going through now.


After leaving Egypt, where they suffered as slaves and were t… Read More »

Should Jews Be Invisible?


Question of the Week:


What is the Lag Baomer Parade about?




The first Lag Baomer Parade was in New York in 1953. And it shook the Jewish world.


This was just a few short years after the war. In those times, many Jews lived by the saying, "incognito ergo sum" - we can only survive as Jews if we keep our Jewishness to ourselves. A public display of Judaism was asking for trouble. Lie low, don't make waves, keep your head down and try to blend in as best you can.


Jews went to great lengths to hide their Jewishness. A kippa would never be worn in public. Mezuzas had to be almost invisible if there at all. Jewish names were changed to sound less Jewish, and you wouldn't dare … Read More »

Why Do I Suffer from Mental Illness?

Question of the Week:

Can you tell me why G-d gave me a mental illness? Why has he made me suffer? I am not a bad person.
Every soul journeys down into this world with two suitcases. One is full of the challenges the soul has to face during its lifetime. The other is full of the talents and strengths necessary to withstand those challenges. The first suitcase is opened for you; the second you have to open yourself. 
Your soul's challenge is mental illness. I don't know why. But I do know that your mission is to use your talents, to turn the pain and frustration into a positive force. 
Because of your openness and willingness to share your experiences, you are an inspirati… Read More »
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