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Would You Turn Down a Billion Dollars?


Question of the Week:


Is our family rich?


(From my 7 year old daughter)



Our family is extremely rich. I'll tell you why.


If someone came to me and said, "I'll give you ten thousand dollars to buy your daughter," what do you think I would say?


Would I sell one of my children for ten thousand dollars? No way!


So what if they offered a hundred thousand?


I wouldn't do it, right?


And if they offered a million? Ten million? A billion dollars to buy my daughter?


I wouldn't even need to think it over. I would not sell you for all the money in the world.


A child is more precious than anything. And thank G-d, our family has a few.… Read More »

Do You Believe the Statistics?

Question of the Week:

I fear for the future of the Jewish people. When I look at my family and where they are headed it is not very promising. My grandfather was a rabbi, but I am not sure my grandchildren will even be Jewish. What is the secret to keeping Judaism alive?


I can't tell you how often I hear, "My grandfather was a rabbi." I once read that 87% of the Jewish population today have at least one rabbi in their family tree. I also read that 93% of all statistics are made up on the spot.

It's impossible that three generations ago everyone was a rabbi. What people probably mean is that their grandfather was an observant Jew. He may have had a beard, he prayed every day, and was knowledgeable in Torah. He could… Read More »

Should Doctors be Trusted?

Question of the Week:

My doctor has prescribed more medication for me, but I am not sure I need it. I sometimes suspect that these doctors give blanket diagnoses and dish out medicine rather than really trying to get to the core of the issue. Does Judaism teach us to trust whatever a doctor says, or should we exercise caution?


Your skepticism may be wise. Or it may be preventing you from getting better.


The Talmud teaches that G-d gave permission to doctors to heal. Having faith in G-d means having faith in doctors and their medicine.


This doesn't mean doctors are infallible. They can make mistakes, misdiagnose, and be lazy like the rest of us. And so while we can assume that most doctors are doing their… Read More »

Can You Make this Stuff Up?


Question of the Week:

At my University a group of students from all faiths and religions, including Jewish, Christian, Muslim, Hindus, Buddhists meet weekly to discuss many subjects. A recurring question often comes up: "Did man create G-d or did G-d create Man?" What would you have to say on that?


Imagine a new colour. Not a new combination of existing colours, or a shade of another colour, but an entirely original colour that does not resemble any other.

You can't. It has never been done. It is beyond the human capability to conceptualise anything that has no basis in reality. All human creativity is the result of taking existing ideas and rearranging them, using ingredients that are already present… Read More »

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