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How Does Traditional Dating Work?


Question of the Week:


I have a question about Shidduch dating. How is it possible that within the space of a few weeks and only a few dates a couple can get engaged? In modern secular dating couples may live together for a year or two before deciding to marry, and yet in traditional Jewish dating they never even live together and get married within months of meeting! From personal experience and anecdotal evidence, it seems to work. But how? 



Boy meets girl at a party. They like each other. He makes her laugh. She makes him feel good about himself. They hit it off.


As the guy is about to get her a drink, she says, "Can I just ask you a question? Are you… Read More »

Are Seances Real?

Question of the Week:

My family suffered a great loss with the passing of my grandfather almost 2 years ago. Since then, some members of the family have found great comfort and solace in consulting with a psychic medium to get messages from 'the other side'. The psychic is often very accurate and it is chilling how the messages are able to come through.

I worry though what the Jewish perspective is on this all. Does Judaism believe in this practice at all? Is there any harm to her or to ourselves?

Death does not end a relationship. It just changes the mode of contact. The Torah specifies ways that we can connect to souls on high, and ways that we shouldn't.

We are forbidden to call upon… Read More »

Does Love Need a Blood Test?

Question of the Week:

How can we know 100% that the Torah is true and that G-d exists. I feel that I cannot accept a religion without evidence. Is there any proof of G-d and Torah?
Imagine you could do a blood test to determine who your soulmate is. You would go to a laboratory with a prospective partner and give blood samples, and half an hour later they would tell you whether you will live happily ever after, or better move on.  


Sounds amazing? But think about it. Is that an ideal way to start a relationship? It certainly would save a lot of time. But how romantic does this sound: "Listen, the blood test came out positive, so I guess we may as well get engaged."
The… Read More »

To Catch a Thief?


Question of the Week:


I received the following anonymous question exactly as presented here, unedited and in the original:


im not a jew but we have somthin the jews might like to buy of us. it is a

scrol made of deers leather with hebru writing on it, i do not no anything

about this religous item and was wondering if you and your jewish

community would be interisted in this, if yes get back in contuct. i have

evidence of this item and was wondering who to turn to if i would like to

sale such an item. thank you


I didn't get a good feeling from this question. It seems this guy has found or probably stolen a Mezuzah. It is a holy object, and if he throws it away or defaces it, that would be a serious… Read More »

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