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Immigration of the Soul


Question of the Week


The immigration experience has been much harder than expected. I am here already for a year and not at all acclimatized. Don't get me wrong, I have been welcomed with open arms into this community, and people have been great to me. But I miss home, still don't really feel I fit in, don't get the mentality and am still very much a foreigner. Jews have moved around a lot in history, so is there a Jewish approach for adjusting to new country?




Your difficulty is not uncommon. In fact every soul goes through a similar process on its journey to higher worlds.


Death is the ultimate immigration experience. The soul leaves this world and moves into the… Read More »

My Wife Refuses to Talk to Me


Question of the Week


This is a totally hypothetical situation that would never really happen. My wife is angry at me. She thinks she told me to pick her up from the train station, and I never showed up. She waited in the rain for half an hour, couldn't find a taxi and in the end had to call a friend because my phone was off. I am absolutely sure she did not ask me to pick her up. Now she won't speak to me until I give her an apology. Can I apologize when I don't believe I did anything wrong?




I don't usually answer such far-fetched made-up scenarios. But this time I will make an exception.


When we say, "I am sorry," we are making a statement about ourselves - I am… Read More »

Is there Any Hope in an Atheist Hospice?


Question of the Week


I was debating an atheist and he said that atheists care more for people, because they don't believe in any god that can help, while religious people leave salvation up to G-d. What would you respond to that?




Have you ever seen an atheist hospital? Like the Agnostic Sisters Medical Centre? Or the Our Lady of Nothing In Particular Nursing Home? Or the Brothers of No Hope Humanist Hospice?


Me neither. But we all know hospitals with names like Beth Israel and Maimonides, Presbyterian and Methodist, Saint this or Holy that. This is not because atheists don't care about the sick and religious people do. Of course there are many philanthropic and generous… Read More »

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