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Should I Buy a Burial Plot?


Question of the Week


The question I'd like to ask you has to do with preparing to die.  Many of my friends who are in their 70's are making arrangements for their Jewish burials so that the burden won't fall on their children.  Is this appropriate?  Or are we to simply leave our final requests in writing for our family when we are no longer in this world?




You know the story of the charming husband who bought his wife a burial plot for her birthday. The next year he didn't buy her anything. When she asked why, he responded, "I bought you a gift last year and you didn't use it."


It's a horrible joke. But even bad jokes have some truth to them. The sages advise… Read More »

Is Your Love Burnt Out?


Question of the Week


Do a husband and wife need to be together 24/7? Is it ok to have a life outside of marriage? I sometimes feel guilty if I spend time alone or with friends, as if I should always include my spouse in everything I do. But then sometimes I feel smothered and need some space. That also makes me feel guilty. I am happily married but not sure what's right here. Any help you can offer?




Love is like a fire. It can generate a lot of light and a lot of warmth. But to keep any flame alive, it needs to be fed. If you don't keep throwing logs on the fire, it will fizzle out and there will be nothing left.


The logs that fuel love are time spent together, shared experiences, an… Read More »

The Rebbe's Riddle


Question of the Week


I see a lot of contradictions in the way the Rebbe is portrayed. He is sometimes described as the founder of Jewish outreach, focusing his energies on bringing lost and ignorant Jews back to the fold. But then when you analyze his writings and teachings, they are not aimed at the novice, but are of the highest level of scholarship, challenging the most advanced student of Torah. He is said to have been accepting of every person, no matter their religious level, and yet was uncompromising in his strict observance of Jewish law, and demanded the same of his followers. I have studied many of the world's great leaders and cannot think of another example of one who held these paradoxical character… Read More »

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