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Is It Wrong to Recycle a Gift?


Question of the Week  


Is it wrong to re-gift? My uncle came back from Hong Kong with a very expensive tie, green with red zigzags, which he gave me as a gift. I would not be caught dead wearing it. But I have a friend with the same bad taste as my uncle who would love it, and it's his birthday next week. Is there any issue with me passing it on, rather than letting it gather dust in my closet?




You need to think this through. If you re-gift, it might be considered stealing.


A gift is given to be yours. That means you can do with it whatever you wish. If you want to use the tie as a dish rag, sell it on eBay or make it your dog's scarf, no one can stop you.


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Can We Connect with the Dead?


Question of the Week  


My son recently died in an accident. I would like to know if he can see or hear us here on earth. Is he still aware of us now that he is in Heaven? Your comments would be appreciated. 


Mum missing her son.




The mystery of death is one that we cannot truly understand. Why some souls come down here for so short, only to be taken away from us, we cannot explain.


But we know that only the body dies, not the soul. And it is the soul of a person whom we love. Our connection with our loved ones is not with their physical presence, but their person, their love, their spirit. And that relationship never goes away. It just takes another form.


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