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Theology for a Four Year Old


Question of the Week:


I have a question which I was hoping you may be able to help my husband and I with. This morning my daughter asked me the following:

"Mommy, how does G-d make the world work?"

I was unable to answer. I was hoping you could provide me with a way to answer the question in words that an almost 4 year old will understand!




What a sweet question. I hope you are proud that your nearly 4 year old ponders such issues.


Maybe try asking her this: 


How does your body work? As you sit there, you are breathing and blinking and digesting food. How do you do all that?  Your hair grows, your fingernails grow, you get taller all the time. Even in your… Read More »

The Tragedy of Suicide


Question of the Week


I have a question about suicide and Judaism. I have heard conflicting things about whether there is Kaddish and mourning for a suicide. It seems in previous generations suicide was viewed as sinful and they were not mourned, but nowadays we see it differently. Has Jewish law changed on this?




Taking a life is murder. This includes taking one's own life. We did not choose to be born and it is not our choice when to die. For this reason, suicide is considered a crime against G-d, oneself and those around us.


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