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Husbands Are Not Mindreaders


Question of the Week:


I have a problem with organised religion. Light candles, go to shul, eat this, don't eat that etc etc. What sort of G-d demands these things from us? Surely we can find our own path to G-d within ourselves without being told what to do. Why does it make someone better or worse by just following instructions? It all seems crazy to me...




I recently addressed a group of women on the topic of relationships. I told them that they should not be ashamed to tell their husbands exactly what makes them happy. Don't leave the guys guessing. If you do, they will never get it right.


A man cannot read a woman's mind. Even if he loves you deeply and is devoted to you with all his… Read More »

Is That an Angel On Your Shoulder?


Question of the Week


I have been looking into the topic of angels and I have a question. Are there new angels being born every day, or were all angels created once by G-d and that's it?




Angels are not only made by G-d. You make them too. All the time.


Every action we do elicits a spiritual reaction. When a person does a good deed, a pocket of positive energy is released into the universe. An angel is born. My deed may have taken only a second, but the world is changed forever for the better, as the angel of my deed… Read More »

Are You a Chicken Soup Jew?


Question of the Week


I want to increase my Shabbos observance in honour of the worldwide Shabbos Project. I have resolved to light candles at the correct time, starting this week. One question I had. Why do we light specifically two candles?




A lot of people call themselves "culturally Jewish." They feel connected to the Jewish people, are active in the community, advocate for Israel, and may attend shul on major festivals, but they don't keep Jewish law. When it comes to the details of keeping Shabbos, they will argue that the laws are not important, it is all about family time. If you come to Shabbos dinner, whether you walk or drive doesn't make a difference. As long… Read More »

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