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A Note from Beyond the Grave?


Question of the Week:

URGENT: I am writing to you from my husband's grandmother's funeral. Something weird just happened and I am freaked out. In the middle of the burial, as family and friends were shoveling dirt over the coffin, my husband's kippah fell into the grave. Before anyone could do anything it got covered in dirt and disappeared. It must be a bad omen for him that an article of his clothing got buried. I am still at the cemetery and want to know what we should do. Should we dig it up, or say a prayer? Should I be worried?


The kippah falling into the grave must be a sign from G-d. Everything happens for a reason.

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The Rebbe Revolution

Question of the Week: 

I was blown away by the ceremony in the Israeli Knesset honouring the Rebbe and his contribution to world Jewry. Just seeing both sides of Israeli politics agree on something is already a miracle. I wanted to know, what is so compelling about the Rebbe that 21 years after his passing he still commands so much attention?


There was a very sharp thinker who lived in 19th century Poland called Rabbi Mendel of Kotzk. Among his profound witticisms was the following pearl. I will share with you the original Yiddish, and then translate:

A frumer iz a rosho.

A kluger iz an apikores.

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Can We Play with the Facts of Life?

Question of the Week: 

I am getting married in two months from now, and last night we had a meeting with the rabbi who will be conducting the ceremony. Something came up which I am quite uncomfortable with: the issue of only the groom giving the bride a ring, and not vice versa. This essentially represents to me that I am being purchased. The idea that there is a problem with the bride also giving the groom a ring seems absurd to me. Surely I have as much say in the agreement to be married as my husband-to-be?

I know I am allowed to give the ring after the ceremony. However, I want to exchange rings during the ceremony. Gender equality is a very important issue to me… Read More »

Is Global Warming a Sign of Moshiach?

Question of the Week: 

Could global warming be a sign that the Messiah is about to arrive? I learnt the Torah predicts that in the future the "covering of the sun" will be removed, and wicked people will melt in the intense heat. Maybe this is describing the hole in the ozone layer. Could this be true? Are we about to see the destruction of the wicked? (I'm not sure which side of that I'll end up on...)


The Jewish view of the end of days differs greatly from other apocalyptic visions. It will not need to be violent and there need be no more wars. Even the punishment of the wicked can happen by peaceful means.

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