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Am I Allowed to Love Myself?

Question of the Week: 

I have often heard that we are supposed to "love your fellow Jew." This statement bothers me. It smacks of tribalism and almost racism. Surely we should love all of humanity equally, not just our own people?


Every human being is created in the image of G-d. And so we should respect every person equally. But love cannot be equal. To love everyone equally is not realistic, and perhaps not ideal either.

For love to be healthy it needs to have a ripple effect, starting within and spreading outward. First I must love myself. Then I can love my immediate family. From there the love can spread to my… Read More »

Does Anyone Believe In You?

DO DRUG DEALERS DESERVE DEATH? All night learning - see below

Question of the Week:

I don't pray every day. Sometimes I'm not so sure that I believe in G-d enough to pray. I just don't think I can have the unwavering faith that people like you seem to have. I'll never be so sure. Can you pray and be a good Jew if your faith is unsteady?


To be a Jew means to struggle. The very name Israel means "one who struggles with G-d". Faith is not a light switch that you turn on and it stays on. Faith is… Read More »

Can You Explain My Wife to Me?

DO DRUG DEALERS DESERVE DEATH? All night learning next Sat - see below 

The Beauty of a Broken Heart 

Tanya Chapter 29

Should Lawyers Be Held to Higher Standards? Tanya Chapter 30

Should Lawyers Be Held to Higher Standards? … Read More »

No More Blind Dates, I Swear!

NEW CLASS TONIGHT the Kabbalists Speak - after mincha (5:00pm) 


Question of the Week:

I am starting to lose faith in ever finding love. After swearing I would never in my life go on another blind date again, I succumbed after a friend said, you've gotta meet this girl. It was a bomb. I am not sure whether to give up all together, or just give up on blind dates. But it is exhausting me. Any message of hope for the dated-out?


The saintly Rabbi Yisroel of Ruzhin had an unusual custom when it came to matchmaking. He would give a sizable monetary gift to anyone who suggested a match for one of his… Read More »

Am I Supposed to Stay Lonely?

NEW CLASS TONIGHT the Kabbalists Speak - after mincha (5:10pm)

Question of the Week:

I have an interest in studying Kabbalah. But I want to know, is it practical? I am not so interested in abstract mysticism, I want something that will help me in my life. I need something stimulating as I am getting a bit bored with single life. Will Kabbalah teach me the tools or is it just theoretical?


What you are looking for is Chassidism, the practical application of Kabbalah. Let's look at an example of Chassidic thought that might be very relevant to your situation. At first it will seem like an out-there esoteric idea, until we add the… Read More »

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