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Beheadings and Rosh Hashanah

Question of the Week:

I am so freaked out by these beheadings in the Middle East. And now terrorists had a plan to behead a random victim on the streets of Sydney. It could have been anyone. Am I supposed to feel safe leaving my house now? Just because this plot was thwarted, doesn't mean there isn't another one around the corner. I am almost considering not going to shul this Rosh Hashana....


Terrorists don't just want to behead you, they want you to lose your head. If you panic, you make yourself into their victim. Rather than retreat and let them win, you need to fight back.

The world is facing one of those historical moments, where true evil has arisen and needs to be vanquished. While we are not all fighting a military… Read More »

Can a Man Read a Woman's Mind?

Question of the Week:

I have a problem with organised religion. Light candles, go to shul, eat this, don't eat that etc etc. What sort of G-d demands these things from us? Surely we can find our own path to G-d within ourselves without being told what to do. Why does it make someone better or worse by just following instructions? It all seems crazy to me...


I recently addressed a group of women on the topic of relationships. I told them that they should not be ashamed to tell their husbands exactly what makes them happy. Don't leave the guys guessing. If you do, they will never get it right.

A man cannot read a woman's mind. Even if he loves you deeply and is devoted to you with all his being, he needs to be told what you like.… Read More »

I'm Ashamed of My Husband

Question of the Week:

I have been married nearly a year now. My husband is a wonderful guy and I feel extremely blessed. However I have just one issue that does not seem to be going away. When we were dating we were both newly religious, he slightly ahead of me in observance. We both respected and understood each other. But the one thing I haven't got over is that he wears his kippah all the time. It is confronting for me because it's such a rarity in our social circles and I am still not used to it. It makes me feel odd and (I find this hard to admit) at times, ashamed. As much as I wish I would simply 'get over it' and not let it bother me, it does. Can you help me change my attitude? 


You need to examine why the… Read More »

Shabbos Project for Skeptics

With the Shabbos Project fast approaching (Oct 24-25), when Jews worldwide will keep one Shabbos together, here's a Shabbos Q and A for skeptics:


I like playing golf on Saturday morning. That's my relaxation. So what's wrong with spending the day of rest worshiping G-d on the golf course? Believe me, the way I play, I do plenty of praying....

Shabbos is not about rest in the sense of leisure time. It is about reconnecting to your soul. As uplifting and inspiring as slicing a golf ball into the trees can be, your soul needs a different type of drive to get it going. You get that by connecting with family, community and G-d, not a ball.


I belong to a reform temple. Even our rabbi drives to services on Shabbos. Aren't… Read More »

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