Be a part of Nefesh!

Shul is where strangers become friends. It’s one of the only places where you mix with people outside of your immediate circle. 

Characters of all ages and stages come to Nefesh, united by one common thread, our Jewishness. Together we create a collective embrace that is warm, accepting and spiritually nourishing. 

There is something about collective energy. When people come together and connect, a power is created that goes beyond what any single person can do. 

High Holidays is the time to express that communal energy. And this year, Nefesh has some exciting new developments:

Our new Chazan Ezry Israel - with his melodic and soulful voice, will lead our upbeat and uplifting prayers.

Our Youth Rabbi, Chanoch Sufrin - with an amazing team of youth leaders will keep the kids entertained and engaged.

Our Rabbi, Aron Moss, will provide the insights, stories, and a bit of humour to bring the services alive and always leave you with a message to take home.

The collective energy will be created by our community, which means you.

Nefesh relies on your support to open our doors every day of the year. Being a member means being a partner in our community and ensuring its growth into the future. 

We have an array of options for membership, with something for everyone. Every member will be guaranteed a seat for High Holidays. You have the option to pay for a reserved seat with your name on it. 

You can add additional family members to your membership at a reduced rate. Students and pensioners can opt for a concession membership. If you require, you can opt for a subsidised membership. And if you are in a position to help further, you can donate over and above your membership to help others. 

All options can be paid monthly or annually.

We also offer special lifetime memberships and ten year memberships for those who want to save by locking in their seats for the long term. 

Spots are limited. We don't want anyone to miss out, so please act fast.


Membership Levels/Options . OPTION 1
Inc. Unreserved High Holiday Seat
Inc. Reserved High Holiday Seat
. . Annual Monthly . Annual Monthly
Adults 18+ . $950 $85 . $1,900 $180
Additional Adult . $700  $65 . $1,500  $125
Youth (under 18) . $500  $45 . $1,000  $85
Additional Youth . $250  $25 . $500  $45
Concession . $700  $65 . n/a n/a
Subsidised . $350  $30 . n/a n/a