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If you have an upcoming Bar Mitzvah, Nefesh Shul would love to help you arrange it. 


Together with Rabbi Moss, we can help you decide on a date for your Bar Mitzvah, put you in touch with a Bar Mitzvah teacher and support you in this wonderful milestone. 

Please read info below and email [email protected] with any questions or to check availability of a date.  

Fees and payments:

Item Member Non Member

Shabbos morning

$500 $700 
Shabbos_Mincha_(afternoon)  $400 $500
Weekday_Shacharis_(morning) $400 $500

Aliyot (Call-ups to the Torah)

During the Shul service, Rabbi Moss will ensure that your family receives 3 Aliyot. Rabbi Moss will also aim to provide your family with 3 additional honours: (1) Lifting the Torah; (2) Dressing the Torah; and (3) Opening the Ark, however these are not guaranteed.

It is customary for those who receive an Aliyah to make a donation to the Shul, this amount is at your discretion.

Please bring a bag or two of individually wrapped chewy Kosher lollies to Shul if you would like the congregation to throw them at the Bar Mitzvah following his Aliyah.  

Sponsoring a Kiddush following the service

Your Kiddush must be Parev only (NO DAIRY AT ALL) and supplied by a kosher approved caterer. 

You/your caterer must provide food, drinks and disposables for 120 ppl (Shabbos morning) or 40 ppl (Shabbos afternoon) + your guests. 

For Shabbos afternoon barmitzvahs, some challah or bread rolls must be served for HaMotzi.   

Everything for your kiddush can be delivered to Shul the day before.  

On the day

On the day, your Kiddush will need to be setup inside Shul at the conclusion of the service.

We can recommend you employ our kitchen helper. Pls email  [email protected] for her details. 

Bar Mitzvah Booking Form