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Our Building Update

Our Building Update



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The Jewish people are used to waiting. We have been waiting for Moshiach for almost two thousand years. We hope that wait is almost finished. 


As for the Nefesh build, it seems the wait is almost finished there too...


Here is where we are up to:



Our building project is about to start. The last piece in the puzzle lies in the hands of Sydney Water. They need to sign off on our plans and then we can get a construction certificate and start. The red tape makes it hard to guess, but it seems to be weeks rather than months away. 



The project will cost around $3.5 million. We have $1.8 million already, and a kind donor has offered an interest-free loan of $1 million. This means we are in a position to start. I firmly believe we will raise the rest once we have begun building and momentum gains. It will mean every one in our community doing all they can, both by giving personally as well as helping our fundraising projects. But with Hashem's help we will get there.



It has been a challenging task to find appropriate housing for our community during the build, which will take between a year and a year and a half. As we all know, space in Bondi area is not abundant. But to make it easier, rather than looking for one place to hold all our services, we have looked at separate venues for our Friday night service, Shabbos morning service and other events and services. No perfect solution exists, but we believe we have some pretty good options.


For Friday nights, we have the option to use the Bnei Akiva hall, situated next to Mizrachi on Old South Head Rd. It can hold around 140 people, has a pleasant ambience and is centrally located for most of our congregants. It will cost $100 a week to use, and is available every week with a few exceptions. Bnei Akiva use it for Friday night services about once every two months.


For those weeks when we need to move out, one option is to do a feature Friday night service with a big Kiddush or dinner at a special venue. An option we are looking at is the Surf Life Saving Club beneath Icebergs. We have a connection there who is getting a price for us, so we will wait and see on that one...


As for Shabbos morning, this has been more challenging as it is a longer service and we need more space. We have found one option that could work well - the Bondi Bowling Club on Warners Ave. It is available for us, is a nice size (could fit at least 150) has a beautiful atmosphere and is a great peaceful spot. It will cost $400 per week to use. One compromise is this: the club opens for business at 12 noon. They need to be ready for their bowlers at 11:30am. Which means our service would have to end by about 11:15am. This is an hour earlier than we currently end, and requires a 9am start. That would be a culture change, as many of our congregants like to arrive... ahem... a little late. 


We are still open to other options and have not locked in anything. If you have any other ideas, please make an inquiry and tell us if it is a possibility. But after an exhausting search, these venues are actually pretty good, and the adjustments we will need to make are reasonable. Not only will we survive a year of wandering, but the pop-up shul thing will be fun and refreshing. And make coming home to our new shul that much more gratifying.



During this time it will be important to stay in touch. We will need to communicate to you exactly where each event will be, as the regular routine of going to Nefesh Roscoe St will be interrupted. For that reason, we will move much of our communication to WhatsApp. We will still send emails, but more immediate communication will be via WhatsApp. You can either join our Nefesh chat or you can join our Broadcast List. The difference is, the chat is like an email CC'ed to a group - everyone can respond and everyone sees everything, while the broadcast list is like a BCC'ed email - you receive it as if it was just sent to you, and you can respond only to the sender. 


To join the Chat please click here on your phone:

To join the broadcast please SMS Rabbi Moss 0425309755 with your name and the word "broadcast", and make sure that number is in your contacts list, otherwise you won't receive anything.



There will be many opportunities for you to get involved. We will need help organising fundraising events, social events, planning for our future and going to the next level. We will be in touch soon to hear from you what you want from Nefesh. 



The coming months will bring to the surface the true essence of our community - it is about people getting together to connect to Hashem and their souls and each other. The building is our home, but a home is about the people. We can make our home anywhere - as long as you are there! So come along and surf through it with us...

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