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Our Building Update

Our Building Update





The Jewish people are used to waiting. We have been waiting for Moshiach for almost two thousand years. We hope that wait is almost finished.


As for the Nefesh build, it seems that wait is almost finished too...


Our building project is about to start. The last piece in the puzzle lies in the hands of Sydney Water. They need to sign off on our plans and then we can get a construction certificate and start. The red tape makes it hard to guess, but it seems to be weeks rather than months away.


The project will cost around $3.5 million. We have $1.8 million already, and a kind donor has offered to back us up with a loan of $1 million. This means we are in a position to start. I firmly believe we will raise the rest once we have begun building and momentum gains. It will mean every one in our community doing all they can, and with Hashem's help we will get there.


The coming months will bring to the surface the true essence of our community - it is about people getting together to connect to Hashem and their souls and each other. The building is our home, but a home is about the people. We can make our home anywhere - as long as you are there! So come along and surf through it with us...


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