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Hiring Nefesh Shul

Hiring Nefesh Shul


Thank you for considering Nefesh Shul to hold your event. 

Fees and payment:


The fee for hiring the Nefesh Shul are below:


(1) Less than 2 hrs ($400 Non Members/ $250 Members) or
(2) More than 2 hrs ($700 Non Members/ $250 Members) 


The Nefesh office will email you an invoice prior to your event. Payments to the shul are not tax deductible.


Shul access:


The Nefesh shul key can be borrowed for your event.  
You can drop any food, drinks or items into our storeroom / coolroom any time before your event just ask the office for instructions. 


Shul set up:


The Nefesh shul can seat at tables a maximum number of 120 people and fit over 200 people standing.


The Nefesh office will arrange for our commercial cleaners to clean and prepare the shul prior to your event. Please draw a simple set up plan for the office to send to the commercial cleaners.


It is your responsibility to oversee the drop off, set up and collection of all additional equipment eg microphones, amps, marquee, dancefloor etc. using the borrowed shul key. The Nefesh office is not located ‘on site’ and therefore cannot always assist in meeting external operators who are connected to your function.


Please ensure that everyone connected to your event only parks in designated car spots and never in the adjacent driveway of the BJE building, as it is in use 24 hours and your car may be towed.


Using the Nefesh kitchen: 


The Nefesh kitchen is a ‘parev’ and ‘meat’ only kitchen and can be used for final ‘plating’ and serving only during your event. The Nefesh kitchen is not available for you to cook in prior to your event however you may use the Nefesh kitchen during your event to ‘plate up’ and serve food and drinks during your function. You are unable to use the Nefesh oven to heat up food however we have 2 hotplates which you can borrow and you are welcome to bring further hot plates from your caterer into the area if you need.


Your event can only serve parev or meat options. No dairy at all. 


We ask that you please do not take or use anything belonging to the shul from the Nefesh kitchen fridge, pantry or cupboard. We do not supply any paper goods or drinks for your function and ask that you ensure you or your caterer arrange for this. 


On the day of your event we can recommend you employ the services of our kitchen assistant. Just ask us for her details. 


Summary of provisions:


Nefesh Provides:
250 chairs
40 (narrow) shul tables
A clean shul space; set up in a basic style if requested
A tidy kitchen to ‘plate’ and serve food and drinks from
Any food, drinks, paper goods or plastic disposables
A small secure storeroom and coolroom
A few standard sized domestic rubbish bins with liners .
Commercial cleaners to clean shul/kitchen and remove rubbish after the function


Nefesh Does not provide:
An on-site event person on the day
Audio visual equipment eg microphones or amps
A kitchen for cooking prior to or during your event
Additional mobile cool rooms for large or multiple functions
Additional rubbish liners or bins. Excess rubbish removal fees may be charged 
A delivery or storage service for any items left at your function.
Anything left may be thrown out. 
Please email to check availability of the hall for bookings.  


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