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Call Ups & Weddings

Call Ups & Weddings


Mazal Tov on your engagement and thank you for considering Nefesh Shul to be a part of your Simcha.

As the Nefesh Office is a ‘virtual office’ open only part time ad-hoc hours, the best way to communicate with us is via email at


Fees and payments:

The office will email you an invoice prior to your Bat Mitzvah to pay securely online via credit card.  These payments are not tax deductible.



 Item Member Non Member


FREE** $150/couple
Aufruf (Call-up)
Shabbos Morning 
$250 $350
Aufruf (Call-up)
Shabbos Afternoon
$200 $300

* Includes: 3 evenings of lessons about the wedding and a Jewish marriage, with separate Mikvah classes for brides.

** FREE for Nefesh Members and/or if Rabbi Moss is officiating at the Chuppah.  


Aliyot (Call-ups to the Torah)

During the Shul service, Rabbi Moss will ensure that your family receives 3 Aliyot. Rabbi Moss will also aim to provide your family with 3 additional honours: (1) Lifting the Torah; (2) Dressing the Torah; and (3) Opening the Ark, however these are not guaranteed.

It is customary for those who receive an Aliyah to make a donation to the Shul, this amount is at your discretion.

Please bring a bag or two of individually wrapped chewy Kosher lollies to Shul if you would like the congregation to throw them at the groom following his Aliyah.

Sponsoring a Kiddush following the service

Your Kiddush must be Parev only. (NO DAIRY AT ALL.)

Only a KA approved caterer can be used for your Kiddush. If you would like Nefesh to recommend one of the KA caterers who are familiar to Nefesh functions, just let us know.

Your Kiddush is comprised of three components 

  1. Food 

  2. Drinks 

  3. Paper goods (eg. plates, tablecloth, serviettes)

Please ensure that all components have been arranged with your caterer. If you would like to engage our kitchen helper, just  contact us for her details. 

Your catering numbers need to include the regular Nefesh community of 120ppl for Shabbos morning, or 40ppl (Shabbos afternoon).  

A Kiddush/Seudah Shlishis during Mincha time should again be Parev only and as Hamotzi is made, some Challah rolls/bread rolls should be available.

On the day of your Aufruf, your catering will need to be set up and cleaned away. We can recommend you employ the services of our kitchen assistant just ask us for her details.


The Nefesh Kitchen

The Nefesh kitchen is a ‘meat’ and ‘parev’ only kitchen and can be used for final ‘plating’ and serving. It is not available to cook in prior to your event however you may use the Nefesh kitchen on the day to ‘plate up’ and serve food.

Your Kiddush must be parev only.  NO DAIRY AT ALL

If your kiddush is during the Shabbos afternoon Mincha service please ensure again that it is Parev (non-dairy) and that some bread/Challah rolls are available for the Hamotzi blessing.


Food Drop Prior

Your catering, drinks and paper goods can be delivered into our store/coolroom, prior to the day, just ask the office for instructions.  


On the day

On the day, your Kiddush will need to be brought out of the kitchen and cool room and setup inside Shul on tables at the conclusion of the service.

We can recommend you employ our kitchen assistant to help you with this. Pls email for her details. 


Borrowing a Shul key

If needed, a Nefesh shul key can be borrowed for your event. Please email for details. 

Once again thank you for choosing Nefesh to be part of your family’s Bat Mitzvah and please do not hesitate to contact us at any point if you have any questions. 



Use of Nefesh shul for wedding ceremony:
Members: $250
Non Members: $400
Nefesh can arrange for our commercial cleaners to set up a basic configuration of chairs and assemble the Nefesh chuppah poles for you. 


It is your responsibility to arrange drop off, set up and later collection for whatever else you may require for the day eg bedekin chair, tallis/other chuppah cover, small tablecloth, candlesticks, wine and becher, glass for groom to break, red carpet etc.


Chuppah Poles  hire (non Nefesh shul venue):
Members:         $100
Non Members:  $100
After payment is received, you can pick up the Nefesh chuppah poles from the storeroom. You must provide your own tallis or chuppah cover to attach to the top of the poles. 
Wedding Fees:
Members:  $800
Non Members: $1300


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